3D Models

• Stock, specialized, or custom
• Demonstration tools
• Dissectible / functional
• High-grade materials
• Exceed EPA Standards

High quality and medically accurate stock anatomical models, or custom 3-D designs specific to your product message -- we are confident our anatomical and medical models will make the right impression and exceed your expectations. Years of improving and enhancing manufacturing processes allow Anatomical Worldwide™ to provide uncompromising anatomical models - stock and custom - at competitive price points.  Our anatomical models are of the highest quality and accuracy designed to exceed the standards expected by medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and educational organizations.
Each anatomical model is made of high-grade materials, environmentally friendly plastic compositions that meet the standards set by the International Environmental Protection Agency,
and pass our quality controls.

To explore creating custom medical animations for your marketing communication or patient education plan, contact us at 312-238-9104 or send an introduction.

Explore stock anatomical products and educational supplies offered by our online catalogs division offering the widest selection of anatomy charts and anatomical models.
Anatomical Model Types

 •  magnified
 •  expansion section
 •  simulation / device
 •  transparent
 •  section / demonstration
 •  enlarged
 •  dissectible / functional

Complete Service

 •  Design, Production
 •  Branding and Inserts
 •  Wide selection of types
      and sizes
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