Clinical Tools

• Medically relevant
• Patient aids
• Purposeful, useful
• Reusable
• Medical-grade materials
• Innovative, memorable


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Highly selective and original, each customized product is medically relevant
to doctors and medical practitioners. Every tool or device is
clinically reliable and FDA certified (where applicable) and presents an emotional understanding of the brand attributes to professionals and patients in a cost effective manner with high perceived product value.

         Educational and promotes wellness best practices
  Building blocks of any sustainable brand strategy
         Unique and useful client-branded clinical tools
         Dispensing - assessment, treatment, device
         Diagnostic - education, methods, reference, practical
Let us show how we can create and provide a vision and solution specific to your needs and requirements.  Our broad range of tools, from the simple to the sophisticated, are fully-approved and often patented.  Paired with a custom medical illustration or anatomical model, clinical tools are powerful combination.

To explore creating custom medical animations for your marketing promotion or patient education plan, contact us at 312-238-9104 or
send an introduction.
 •  Examination tools
 •  Training aids
 •  Clinical assessment
•  Educational devices

 •  High Perceived Value
 •  Brand Differentiation
 •  Practical, Useful

Complete Service
 •  Concept Development
 •  Design, Production
 •  Custom Packaging
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