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Multimedia Samples

Explore the possibilities...

Revolutionary Communication... custom multimedia presentations are the most innovative communication tools available today. Utilizing the latest graphical rendering, design and animation tools available to create powerful medical animation, interactive media and audio/visual communication products that can be delivered via mass-media: television, CD-ROM, DVD, and streaming over the web.  See for yourself - view medical animation multimedia samples

The benefits of Medical Animation are most apparent when communicating complex concepts to a broad audience utilizing the high impact audio-visual connection that animation provides in a short amount of time.   

The production process for medical animation is critical to an on-time delivery that exceeds expectations. Project teams work closely with product and marketing managers from concept through completion.

Creativity is essential to building highly effective medical animation for product education and healthcare communication plans - and medical multimedia is accessible, portable, replayable, and memorable…


Complete Service
 •  Concept, Storyboarding
 •  Design/CMI, Production
 •  Format, Distribution
 •  Custom Packaging

 •  Training Presentation
 •  Device Demonstration 
 •  Methodology
 •  Concept Promotion

 •  High Perceived Value
 •  Brand Differentiation
 •  Audio-Visual Connection

To explore creating custom medical animations for your communication or patient education plan, contact us at 312-238-9104 or send an introduction.
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